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Recycling facilities

This question was influenced by jamespurs so thank you! What would be the best way of lobbying your local council


Dear all, I am currently completing a Masters Degree in Community development, strength and conditoning training and education. Having worked as a youth worker, a teacher in....


The three comments left by young people define community in terms of a safe place, a tolerant place, a place where you know and get support from your neighbours. However,...

Regeneration and Urban Design

I'm currently working in Town Centre Regeneration and working on projects around economic development, improving public spaces, addressing transport and...

How to become a community arts officer

Hi, I have recently graduated from Central Saint Martins in Arts, Design and Environment. I am still

Policy Planning

Hi, I'm currently working in the development control department of a local authority as a town planner. I'm starting to feel that development

Working with animals

I'd like to be able to work with animals but don't have any qualifications or experience.

Information work

I'm an information manager (relatively happy and terribly well paid for what I do, which is largely to go to meetings, stare at

Conservation officer

I'm due to finish my degree in graphic design next year. I'm very interested in conservation and the environment and always have been,

Geography at Uni

I'm applying for Uni this year to go in 2008 and I'm wanting to do a geography course. I prefer human geography and

Positive Changes

Hi everyone, I'm curious to hear of any examples of positive changes your local council have made to your community in recent years.

Social Enterprise

why is there a need for social enterprise and what gap does it fill....