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The three comments left by young people define community in terms of a safe place, a tolerant place, a place where you know and get support from your neighbours. However, the official concept, including the one on this site seems to be about planning, ‘eco’ architecture, transport and green spaces. Rather too much emphasis on physical spaces perhaps and not enough on people and how to get them to reach out and embrace their own youth and give them the ‘space’ and the opportunity to connect with their surroundings?


I’m not sure that’s right. The official concept talks about balancing three goals: environmental, economic and social. While some of the jobs on this site are about physical space, others are about boosting the economic performance of communities and then there are some dedicated to helping and involving people. Indeed, look at the ‘People’ classification and there are loads of jobs like this. Even the opening statements says: ‘Ask:What if? is a community for people interested in careers that have a positive impact on other people’s lives and the community they live in’.