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Conservation Officer

I’m due to finish my degree in graphic design next year. I’m very interested in conservation and the environment and always have been, so a conservation officer sounds like an ideal job for me, however I feel that i may have the wrong qualifications for the job. Do I have any chance at all in this field of work?



You would normally be required to have a degree, HND or Foundation degree in a relevant subject which could be countryside management, rural environmental management, ecology or environmental science. Employers expect you to have practical experience, so it’s a good idea to do some voluntary work. Try the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, Groundwork or the National Trust. Some employers offer external technical training at local colleges that will give you vocational qualifications. As you don’t have the usual entry requirements I would contact the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management, so that they can give you some ideas and useful contacts on how to enter this profession and discuss your specific case. You might also consider starting at a lower level job such as Countryside Ranger and work your way up. Check out the Learndirect for more information.