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Geography at Uni

I’m applying for Uni this year to go in 2008 and I’m wanting to do a geography course. I prefer human geography and find it much more interesting so I’ve been looking at doing a human geography course but I think I did better in the physical geography paper this year at AS. Is it best, if I don’t know what I want to do after Uni to do a mixed geography? Will it keep my options more open by having a mixed?



I was in your same predicament a few years ago… you’re under so much pressure to pick a suitable degree course you just don’t know what to do!! I always think it’s crazy to expect 17/18 year olds to know what to do with the rest of their lives but never mind!! I did A-Level geography, preferred human but didn’t want to do a BA as I felt a BSc would be recognised better - it didn’t really matter, with most Geography courses its easy to do modules from both if you wanted. The most important thing I have found is getting a good result from a good university, rather than a degree itself. Anyhow, finishing my degree I ahd no idea what I wanted to do, was interested in regeneration and luckily got a job straight away on a housing association graduate scheme - I know work in the regeneration team and my company funded a masters in urban design.

My advice is do something you enjoy but before you pick a course think about what you would realistically get out of your degree - do you want to use a geo degree in the future or do you want to work in a more specific area e.g. planning or environment? I have found that I've not used my uni knowledge at all since I’ve left and although I don’t regret my time there at all, I wish I’d have more in depth knowledge which I could use in my everyday job.

Answer 2

I agree with the earlier answer - when you go to Uni it’s the course that holds your attention over three years and not what you got good grades in for A-level.

You have lots more serious questions to sort out as well as the subject content. Are finances a big consideration for going to Uni? If money is a big consideration why not take a geography degree with the Open University (while working). Then when you have figured out what it is you actually want to do - you won’t be £20,000 in debt. Then you could go to Uni and take a post-grad in that specialism and experince Uni life.

You mention keeping your options open - when options are these? There are thousands of graduates in a very competeive job market. What is it about a geography degree that you hope to be marketable? What are the transferable skills?

Answer 3

I did Geography for ALevel and prefered the human side of it. I don’t know what degree courses in Geography entail but surely after uni if you wished to pursue a career in geography you would either specialise in human or physical research and study or you would teach both.