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Information work

I’m an information manager (relatively happy and terribly well paid for what I do, which is largely to go to meetings, stare at a screen, send e-mails and occasionally write stuff for young people, train teachers and supervise people who are fair better at supervising themselves) with a burning sense of being stuck indoors, missing vitamin D enhancement time in the great outdoors as the days pass on and on and on and on* and wondered if anyone out there might have some great ideas for a career change that takes advantage of my info. skills and experience (gazillion years in various info work and management roles from libraries to website projects, an MA in Librarianship) but offers an exciting new horizon that’s less desk jockey and more wind dodger, less finger tapping and more foot plodding?!

Many thanks!



Suggestions about jobs for the future - moving from your current role to another employer which is closer to your interests e.g an information role for a more environmnental organisation e.g Natural England or similar. You could approach organisations that appeal to you with a speculative CV related to mamagement/Information/Communication roles. Good luck