Ask What If / Phd


Dear all,

I am currently completing a Masters Degree in Community development and education.

Having worked as a youth worker, a teacher in FE and currently as a project manager for a youth inclusion project, I am considering where my next career move could be.

In particular I am considering starting a Phd. However, I am not sure completing a Phd would actually increase my earnings or move me up the ladder in the public or third sector???

I understand most Phd students remain in acamdeic work or research. Does anyone know of anyone who has moved into the private sector or used this qualification to take a significant step up in their career.

Is it worth completing a Phd in social science if one doesn’t want to work in research etc??

Any info would be very helpful.




My own view on this is that the Third Sector is changing in so many ways, not least around professionalising itself so that the argument of earning more is irrelevant, other than the sector will always lag behind the public and private sectors in ability to pay high wages because of its funding sources and nature of work.

I also think that any application will look at the whole package and not just the Phd research etc to see if you’re is ok for the work. Its up to them what they do with this