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Policy planning

Hi, I’m currently working in the development control department of a local authority as a town planner. I’m starting to feel that development control is not my thing and am becoming increasingly interested in policy. However, I don’t want to stay in the public sector for the whole of my career and was interested to know what the opportunities are in the private sector for someone with experience as a policy planner.



A few suggestions of how you could approach your situation. It is useful to take a step back and think about what you are wanting to aim for in the future - it is also a good idea to think about what you enjoy in your job and what you don’t like. It is worth while exploring different ideas using the net - for example and both have useful artciles on different jobs as well as an interest guides that can help you look at different job ideas by matching your interests to different jobs. You could also contact the institutions related to planning and surveying to look at case studies and training available ). You mentioned that you may not want to stay in the public sector for the rest of your working life - I think it would be worth exploring now what you want to aim for in the future then you could look at the training and or experience you need to acheive to reach your goal. Ideas that are related to planning outsite local authorities are Planning and Development Surveyor, Planning Inspector. You could speak to your current employer about moving into strategic planning and if there are any courses that you could do whilst you in your current role that would broaden your experience and fit in with the direction of your long term goal. If you want to speak to someone about your direction you can try either your local nextstep service or phone Learn Direct.

All the best for your future plans.