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Recycling facilities

This question was influenced by jamespurs so thank you! What would be the best way of lobbying your local council for better recycling facilities? Has anyone ever had any success with this?


i like the idea - dump loads and loads of recycling at their office! i think it’s really bad how we’re meant to be recycling but the government won’t pay for it. my dad runs a business, he asked for a recycling collection but they said he had to pay for it. they should be encouraging people to recycle.

Answer 2

hiya, i would just try writing a letter to your council, pointing out that they have a responsibility, and lots of people in your area want to recycle. Then try putting all the stuff you want to be able to recycle in a big bag and leaving it at the door to the main council office and doing this every week, also getting other people to aswell, until they get the message. Ok, so I havent tried it, but I think our area has fairly good recycling facilities.

Answer 3

am on my local youth county council so I have a lot of access to the top in our county council. it’s hillarious that the small village next to mine has recycling facilities while min doesn’t. the next village to mine is where the head of the council lives! hmmmm!

i have asked for recycling facilities in my village but no there is not enough money!

my council is useless.

but if you are serious keep asking and writing letters to the chief executive and leader of your town council or county council.